We Bring Back The Music

We Bring Back The Music is the motto of Alliance Records. The record label produces and distributes music with the utmost musical composition and recording quality for over 35 yrs.

Naturally, the label wanted to design fashionable merchandise for the artists that do tours. With the label's organic culture of making music, none of the artists (Alliance Records artists are different and extraordinary) were satisfied with the fashion's wear quality. They did not bother to have any fashion wear on tour. 

For sure, we had to design our fashion wear as we make music. We started to research our options and found that organic cotton and recycled polyester materials would meet our high quality and sustainability demands. We wanted a certified organic fabric that was also fair trade certified. We found a manufacturer that met all our needs. 

The idea developed. We went on to make a brand with fashion that reflects the label's quality and the label's roster of music with the true go motto WE BRING BACK THE MUSIC.

Instead of doing traditional merch for touring, we developed our concept into getting our tribe unique designs in outstanding quality. 

CROSSROADS Music and Fashion was born.

All the designs are limited edition. Our pieces themselves are timeless, and we believe they will never go out of style, make sure to get yours while they last!

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